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White Sage Smudge Sticks Available at Juice's!!! #GetYouSome #Natural #Organic #Health #Wellness #Clarity #MoodChanga #SageThemBadSpiritsAway #BreatheBetta

Studies have also shown that burning sage increases clarity and awareness, heightens wisdom, improves moods and enhances the memory and quickens the senses. (It is no coincidence that the word sage is also used to describe someone steeped in wisdom and humility.

How to smudge with sage:

Burning sage is known to dispel negative energy—or to cleanse, purify and protect our body, mind and spirit, as well as our environment.

The smoke from the sage attaches to any negative energy in the air, and as the smoke dissipates and clears, it carries the energy with, and transmutes it from negative to positive. Sage changes the ionic composition in the air, so we will sense the difference in the atmosphere immediately.

Before burning sage, we can keep in mind the intention of what we want to achieve. If there is a particular energy we want to erase from the atmosphere, we can focus our awareness on it, so that the cleansing is strengthened and the protection is enhanced.

When we light the sage, a flame might occur. If this happens, we can gently blow on the flame or waft your hand near the flame, until only the embers are glowing and the sage is producing a smoky trail. The smoke is what clears and removes negativity, not the flame. It is common to have to relight sage a few times during the ritual.

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Your order will contain 1 Smudge Stick

The Spiritual Kit includes an Abalone Shell, 2 charcoal tablets, Chakra Sage and 2 sticks of Palo Santo

‼Instructions are Included‼

Spirituality Kit/Sage Sticks

PriceFrom $7.50
    • Handmade

    • Materials: White Sage, sage, Palo Santo, Rose Petals, Charcoal Tablets, Abalone Shell, Essential Oils

  • Not accepted

    But please contact me if you have problems with your order

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