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At Juice’s, our solution to harmful, chemical-based skin care products is our premium line of plant-based skincare, yoni care and hair care made for the entire body and family. I'm Genessa Travis, founder of Juice's and the mother of one son, whom I lovingly call "Juice,” hence our name. My passion for excellent skin care came from my dissatisfaction for the products I saw on the market.  I was blessed with sensitive skin, so I'm  careful about what I put onto and into my body. Most over-the-counter products are loaded with harsh chemicals and only treat surface-level skin care issues at best. My research and experimentation with natural recipes led to me developing my own. Once I discovered the power of organic and natural skin care products for myself, I wanted to share it with others. Come see for yourself why Juice's motto invites you to “Embrace Your Royalty from the Ground to the Crown.” 

"We believe you can HEAL all Skin Issues Naturally! We focus on Eczema, Acne Psoriasis and Sensitive Skin as well as vaginal solutions. Click: 'Shop All'  and find your new favorite skin care, yoni care and haircare products!"

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